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Paint Correction

Say goodbye to faded, worn-out paint, unsightly swirl marks, and annoying scratches on your beloved car. At Shine ‘N Style Detailing, we offer an exceptional paint correction service that will bring your vehicle’s paintwork back to its original pristine condition, restoring its natural shine.

Our paint correction process involves skillfully eliminating imperfections, scratches, and swirl marks that mar the surface of your car’s paint. Using specialized tools, compounds, and polishes, we delicately remove a thin layer of clear coat, effectively erasing any blemishes and rejuvenating the glossy finish.

To ensure precision and accuracy, we employ advanced techniques like paint gauge measurement. By using cutting-edge NEX technology, we measure the paint thickness across your entire vehicle, allowing us to determine the optimal extent of paint correction required. This digital paint report can be exported and shared with you, providing valuable insights into your vehicle’s paint condition.

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Trust Shine ‘N Style Detailing to transform your car’s appearance with our meticulous
paint correction service. Let us bring back the radiance and elegance your car deserves.

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